My Slow Path To Freedom

My freedom happened in stages. Emotionally. When I realized my marriage was over, we'd been together for 8 years. Our daughter was 5. By this time, he and I had what seemed like a gazillion "serious discussions" in which he never heard a word I said. Further, he refused to acknowledge he'd done anything wrong... Continue Reading →


The Importance Of Being Proactive in Life and Relationships

In my perfect world, my ex would have understood and accepted that it was time for us to move on. But, instead of letting me go, he tightened his grip. In my perfect world, my ex would have fully cooperated in the legal arena, minimizing the time and money it took to get the decree... Continue Reading →

How I Began My Journey To An Independent Life

"House" was an exaggeration. When I arrived for the walk-through, the anticipation I'd felt on the way to the tour of my new home slowly dissipated and I stood in front on the sidewalk in shock. I put a bid in for this? It had to be a mistake. There were men already inside, doing... Continue Reading →

How To Win at Your Career

"Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire." ~ St. Catherine of Sienna I have always told my kiddos how important it is to find a career doing something they passionately love. I think that's advice every parent should pass on to their children. I remember being told... Continue Reading →

The Power to Build a Better Future

"Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: 'The future can be better than the present', and 'I have the power to make it so'." ~ David Brooks Seven years ago, my world was a very limited, dark place. I was a different person, feeling lost, isolated, helpless and trapped because I couldn't see a... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

I simply cannot express just how honored I am to be nominated for another award. It means so much to me that my fellow bloggers ~ Yvonne and Megan ~ consider me worthy of such a nomination. Thank you both very much. I invite you, my readers, to visit their blogs by clicking on their names. The rules... Continue Reading →

Blogger Award: Brotherhood of the World

I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to Sandy for nominating Designing Life for its first ever award ~ Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award. What a great honor to be nominated and accept this award; I'm absolutely thrilled! Thank you, Sandy! Please check out Sandy's awesome blog, Scribbles & Musings. The RULES: Thank and link... Continue Reading →

The Journey

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" It's a question we hear many times during our youth. Some of us know, from an early age, exactly what we want to do with our lives. For others, the process of figuring it out takes a bit longer. It's not just about deciding on... Continue Reading →

“All” Percent

"Whatever you are, be a good one." ~ Abraham Lincoln I firmly believe that the outcome of our life depends on the effort we put into every little thing we do. I once knew someone who chose to do only the bare minimum to "get by". For years, I watched him "cut corners" in every... Continue Reading →

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