Why Are First Sessions Free?

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16 October 2015 by Carol

Taking on the services a Life Coach is a big thing and I fully understand that you, as my client, are entrusting me with the personal details of your life. You’re hiring me to support you through a transitional phase and there are so many factors when it comes to a good relationship between Client and Coach.

A good Life Coach:

  • always acts in a professional manner.
  • has the integrity to speak up if s/he feels the coach/client relationship isn’t optimal {even if that means losing a client}. Frankly, I’m not happy with accepting money for substandard service that may result in a client taking nothing away from our sessions.
  • understands when a potential client decides the coach/client relationship isn’t optimal.
  • always strives to improve skills/service as a Life Coach. This means welcoming constructive criticism whenever possible and inviting feedback regularly.
  • knows that her job is not to “fix” problems, counsel, advise; she’s there to support, guide, brainstorm ideas, and be the “bridge” needed to get the client from where s/he is to where s/he wants to be.

First sessions are free because it gives us an opportunity to see if we “click”, if we have similar belief systems/philosophies, if we have the same vision. There’s no obligation to continue, but I ask for feedback on every session so that I can continue to fine-tune and improve my Life Coaching abilities.

To schedule your complimentary session, please use the contact form below. Be sure to check the hours of availability and put your preferred time in the “Comment” section of the form.

Session Availability:
M-F – 8am – 3pm
S & S- 10am – noon

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you!


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